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Andy  Email

Hi my name is Andy. 71 Y.O Retired Military and 32 Yrs of Law Enforcement.  I've always loved listening to Blues piano players on You tube or wherever I could find it. Love to know more about this sight as well. 
I Just purchased a Yamaha DGX660  to hopefuly learn how to play as I previously never had the time to stop and learn.

Now that I'm retired, with empty nest! Now I finally have the time to sit down and learn to play as opposed to just laying down and dying.!! LOL  I don't want to go to my grave 10, 15, or 20 years from now and still wanting to learn how to play the Blues.  Would love if you could connect me with an instructor north of Boston, Ma. and maybe steer me in that direction.  Please feel free to Email me to ayecee1986@gmail.com Thank You and I will be back often, now that I know this sight exists.  God Bless you all and God Bless America!!   Andy

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Jimmy Holden Email

Such a kool site. where NW musicians can meet, and talk about our music.Thanks Ron, for letting this happen. I know you have a Studio also... Hope to get there soon.


very kool site,i love the blues,i love to hear how it's done all around the world!this is a very kool site


Nice site, top shelf video...keep 'em coming!

Jack Konecker Email

Cee Cee is crowd-sourcing her 3rd CD called "Blood Red Blues" via a Kickstarter project.  All original songs.  Go to kickstarter.com and search for "blood red blues".  Watch her project video, see what swag she is offering and pledge a few bucks.

The CD will be released in early 2012.


jim sandy 


Really like the content and performers. Great Job. Looking forward to a visit and check out the music again!!!!

Sharon Kemerley Email

Cee Cee James turned me on to this site.. good job!
I am a board member on the Oklahoma Blues Society..  Our site is okblues.org   If you have a magazine or such would you please let me know as I am interested in the Seattle area.  Thank you, Sharon

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